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Bangladesh Sports that are a Popular Form of Entertainment
Sport is an essential part, and form of entertainment highly regarded in the Bangladeshi culture, with football and cricket being the most popular of sports. They are actually more popular than the traditional, national sport Kabaddi. Bangladesh sports are divided into two categories: traditional and foreign sports. Lathi Khela, Boli Khela, Kho kho and Kabaddi are all traditional and are played in the rural areas. While hockey, football, cricket, badminton, etc. are all foreign.

In Bangladesh, all sports regardless of whether they are traditional or foreign, are controlled by The National Sports Council (NSC) governing body which oversees the councils and Bangladesh sports federations within the country. With over 40 different sports federations associated with the governing body, NSC is answerable to the government through the ministry of youth and sports. The largest domestic, multi-sport tournament in the country is Bangladesh Games.
Popular Bangladesh Sports
Kabaddi Being the national sport in Bangladesh, Kabaddi is played throughout the country. It has been played, since time in memorial, by the Bangladeshi people and featured frequently in the Kabaddi Asian Games. Even though Kabaddi is highly recognized as the most prominent of the Bangladesh sports, its popularity has since declined and weakened due to lack of financial support from the government. However, Bangladesh was and still is a force to reckon with.

Bangladesh is synonymous with cricket internationally. It is actually the most popular sport in the foreign sports category. Not only is it mainly played by urban folks, but it is perhaps among the most popular Bangladesh sports in the entire country. Cricket's popularity in the country came about when Bangladesh qualified for the Cricket World Cup in 1999, after notably winning the ICC Trophy in 1997. Since then, cricket has taken over the national sport position.

Other Well-Liked Bangladesh Sports

Although having been once regarded as a popular sport, football has lost is glory in Bangladesh. Thanks to a paralyzing financial neglect that has left football in Bangladesh literally on its knees. Authorities such as Bangladesh Football Federation and the government have very much neglected football, unlike the aforementioned Bangladesh sports. Football in the country has severely degraded due to poor investment, lack of support and mismanagement.

This Bangladeshi sport is the second most popular after cricket. It is admired by both the young and the old. Its popularity, however, has tremendously declined just like football and Kabaddi thanks to irresponsible administration and officials. Although the national governing body of the Bangladesh Sports, read The Bangladesh Hockey Federation, organizes some domestic hockey competitions, its paltry efforts have not hindered the once popular sport to gravely decline. But despite all this, Bangladesh regularly participates in the Hockey Asia Cup.